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ODD is a creative & video production company that puts fashion in the front. But we don't stop there. We can do any video you have in mind...and social media too!

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About us

From the Philippines in South East Asia, to Dubai in the Middle East and now in Denver, Colorado, USA. We bring years of experience in video production, creatives and marketing to help you create awesome videos with your unique message delivered by ODD's creativity. 


We've done a lot of fashion, clothing and lifestyle videos. But we definitely can do more. From social media videos in any format, brand & product advertising, to long form content we offer end to end concept, storyboard to full editing and post production services.

ODD is your one stop solution for all your video productions needs including:

  • Music videos

  • TV commercials

  • Social media video productions

  • Youtube Video productions

  • Product review videos

  • Viral marketing advertisements

  • Video interviews

  • Corporate video productions

  • Event video productions

  • Films (feature length and shorts)

  • Documentaries

  • Tutorial Videos

We'll create, schedule, and post content for your social media channels. So you can focus on  your business.

Social Media is part of your business

Social media is now a neccesity in today's business. It has become an integral and critical part of marketing for businesses of any size. Your competition is on it and you cannot afford to not be creating content.

Leave content creation to us

Your business is your expertise. Your time is better used in making more money not content.

The Challenge

Creating content for social media is not easy. Let alone being consistent in doing it to keep pace with your competition.

The solution

Let ODD take care of your social media content for a flat monthly fee. Quality content, posted monthly to your social media channels.

Book a call today or email us.

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